The PLANNING MODULE predicts when all maintenance tasks, modifications and defect limitations will become due, allowing planners to easily integrate these into works orders and can then automatically generate the work package documentation and material pre-loads.

Maintenance Tasks

Each individual task that is required by the maintenance plan is tracked in the OASES system. The type of task can be defined along with labour time and numbers required, trade, multi-stage thresholds and intervals. All relationships between this and other tasks can be easily defined, including accomplishment, activation, calling, cancellation, “do not perform with” and “previously accomplished by” which allows management of spin-off tasks. Task intervals may be hours, cycles, days or date based. In addition the user may define a non-ship based life against a component or component location e.g. engine thrust cycles. The system also allows different fleets to have separate life control restrictions i.e. fleet A controls APU by hours, fleet B by cycles, or either can be controlled by more than one life type.

Manufacturer Job Instructions

Any manufacturer job instructions of an appropriate format and their revisions may be automatically imported and associated with the task. When the task is called to a works order the system automatically attaches and prints the job instructions with the work card and references the attachment in the narrative. Other automatic attachments can include any local documentation or other information which may be associated with a user-definable workcard property. These are easily referenced to the central task record and can be printed and/or referenced in the task narrative automatically.

Material Pre-loads

Any work card can have a material pre-load associated with it. This enables the planners to ensure the material required to carry out the task will be available when it is required. When the planner runs the material pre-load for a work package the system will automatically determine all the required material and alert the purchasing team to any shortages. All the material that is in stock will be pre-allocated to the tasks.

Maintenance Check Packages

Individual tasks can be packaged as required and the package will appear in the forecast according to the most restrictive task contained within it. Yield management tools are provided to allow review of each package. A package appearing in the forecast can be scheduled into a works order with a single click and/or expanded to view individual task details including schedule reference, last done, time remaining etc. Other items can be added to the same works order if additional work is required to be carried out at the same time.

AD/SB Tasks

OASES has comprehensive system for creating and tracking any manufacturer or authority issued document which requires actioning. For instance an airworthiness directive or service bulletin can be created in the system and then allocated to aircraft by effectivity. Any task which is generated by an airworthiness directive or a service bulletin can be entered into and tracked by the planning system. Inspections or modifications which are required will be viewable in the aircraft maintenance forecast and can then be included in a works order. Documents can be linked so that accomplishment of a service bulletin can up-date the airworthiness directive status.

Workpack Production

Once a group of tasks or a package has been generated and included in a works order the planner can then produce a workpack which can be distributed to the department or organisation carrying out the maintenance either electronically as a PDF or printed to hard copy and physically forwarded. Thew workpackage will include any attached documents such as manufactutruers task instructions or service bulletins if required. All the documentation is over-printed with identifying data such as the works order number and aircraft registration so that it can only be used for the appropriate work.

Access Panels

All relevant access panels can also be derived automatically for each task in the works order. Various control methodologies are then available to manage these. A separate panel checklist can also be produced to control the opening and closure of the panels

Document Attachment

Any electronic document can be attached to an OASES task so that it can be printed as part of a pack or referenced in the system. In this way the system makes it simple to produce comprehensive documentation to support maintenance activities
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